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Tux Typing Tutor
Free Typing Game Download
*Learn to Type – Free Program

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Features for this Free Typing Software for Kids:

  • Practice typing and learn how to place your fingers in the keyboard properly
  • This free typing tutor adjusts to your capabilities with lots of skill levels and difficulty adjustments
  • Tux, the penguin, will teach you and your kids how to type in a relaxed environment and having a lot of fun
  • Tux Typing is intended for the world: this free typing software offers a complete list of Language Packages
  • Great backgrounds, animations and sound effects will make your typing practice a lot of fun
  • Tux Typing is both a typing game for kids and a typing tutor for adults who want to practice typing or increase their typing speed
  • Completely free, download and own this typing program without even registering

Practice Typing with this Free Full Version of Tux Typing

What can be cuter and funnier than a cartoon penguin? Really, not many things. Tux is the penguin character that will guide you and your kids through a great learn-to-type experience. With different games and typing practice modes, this free typing software is not only suitable for all ages but it also adapts to any typing skills. As a matter of fact you can adjust the level of difficulty of this typing program download so as not to be boring or overwhelming.

There are two game modes in this free typing tutor that you and your kids will find highly addictive. The first typing game consist of fish falling from the top of the screen and Tux, the penguin, waiting for them so he can get his fish meal. In Fish Cascade you´ll have to type the letters in the right order to release the fish, if you do this in the correct way, the fish will fall and Tux will run to get them. If you fail, the fish will fall and smash in the ground leaving Tux hungry.

Comet Zap is the second typing game that you and your kids can play in this free typing program. Help Tux to defend the earth from a comet shower by typing the letters in the right order. The comets advance towards the city and threaten to demolish the buildings and everything else. Luckily, Tux has a powerful laser that can pulverize them into inoffensive dust. In this free typing game you´ll help Tux aim correctly and shoot the falling comets by typing the letters you can see on them.

A third mode in this free typing program is a typing practice mode where you will learn the basics about typing on a PC keyboard. You'll be shown the letters and which finger you have to use to press the corresponding key. In this way you have the opportunity to achieve the speed typing you want. Learn to type fast by using all your 10 fingers and also learn how to avoid constantly looking at the keyboard.

Get your free copy of Tux Typing right now. This typing tutor is totally free to download and install. Own this typing software with no trial period and no registering; just download install and play! With this free typing game not only your kids will be learning how to type while having fun but you can also test your own typing skills and improve your speed typing.

Features of Tux Typing Free Typing Program Download for Kids:

Practice Typing and Learn How to Place your Fingers

In this free typing software you'll not only find some entertaining typing games but also a really helpful typing practice mode that will help you to improve your typing skills. You'll be shown the exact positioning of the fingers over the keyboard and which finger you have to use to press each particular letter or key. Learn fast typing with this free typing program download.

Tux Typing Adjusts to your Typing Needs and Skills

With fully personalize-able options, this free typing software can be adjusted to fit your exact needs. You can set the difficulty levels in order to be neither so easy that it is boring nor too hard that it is discouraging. By keeping this balance you can be sure that this free typing game download will always be fun and entertaining. In this way, this free typing program will gradually help you to achieve the speed typing that you've always wanted.


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Tux Typing Game Screenshots:
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Tux Typing is Free to Download

Tux Typing Features:

100% Free to Download
Train the People
Tend to Patiens
Tested Spyware Safe

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Tux Typing Game Requirements:

OS: Windows7/Vista/XP
Download Size: 8.15MB
Requires: None
Tested: Virus Free

Play with Tux, the Penguin, and Lear How to Type Fast

Tux is a lovely cartoon penguin that is the center character of this typing program for free. He will introduce you to the world of speed typing. Tux will be present at all game modes and will help you to achieve your typing goals. Play with Tux and you kids they will surely find him really fun and entertaining. With Tux Typing, learning to type fast is a child's game!

Strategies for Tux Typing Free Typing Game Download:

  • If you find this free typing software too easy or too hard to follow, just remember that you can have full control of the difficulty level. Gradual learning is the best way of achieving your speed typing goal

  • Typing fast and accurate is all about perseverance and finding it fun and challenging enough. What´s really challenging is to learn how to type without staring at the keyboard. But do not be discouraged by failing at the first attempts. If you persevere the results will come in due time.

  • Something really interesting about Tux Typing is that you can go back to the Practice mode whenever you need. Make sure to go back until you feel that you have polished all those rough edges.

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