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Skip-Bo Casual Card Game

*Free Card Game for PC

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Features for this Free Card Game:

Get a view of the Big Apple's most famous landmarks and
Play Skip-Bo card game in 10 different locations around a remote
island, challenge the locals and yourself
Skip-Bo is one of America´s favorite card games with simple rules
and additive gameplay
Great full-screen cartoon-like graphics with animations and
effects, amazing tribal music and sound effects
You can play Skip-Bo in four different game modes, Adventure,
Classic, Speed and Team
Endless hours of addictive fun, suitable for all family members
An enthralling story that will take you to a remote and
undiscovered island with a threatening volcano
100% Free Card Game - Full Version Download - No Registration

Play Skip-Bo Free Card Game Download for PC

Skip-Bo is free casual game based on an extremely fun card game from Mattel. Card games enthusiasts will certainly love the gameplay and the engaging story behind it. This free card game starts with your boat running aground on a remote and apparently deserted island. You soon run into a masked islander that tells you that your presence there made the Great Volcano angry. So, you are asked to play Skip-Bo as a peace offering to calm the volcano.

The next thing in this free card game is that you are prompted to create a profile. You have several customizable features you can adjust including skin color, hair style, clothes, background color, etc. Once you are done with the profile creation, you are shown the main menu, and here you can choose between the four different game modes: Adventure, Classic, Speed and Team. In all cases you are going to play Ski-Bo against AI opponents.

Regarding the gameplay in this free cards game, it is basically classic Mattel Skip-Bo with its traditional rules and cards deck. If you have never played Skip-Bo before, there is a nice tutorial you have to complete before you can play a real Skip-Bo against the AI islanders. The tutorial in this free card game download is really simple and easy to understand. Clear instructions and in-game tips and hints appear all the time unless you deactivate them through the main menu.
The game modes in this online card game download allow you to play Skip-Bo in different situations. Adventure mode takes you into a several tribal challenges with mini-games at the end of each Skip-Bo round that allow you to unblock new Skip-Bo card decks. In the Classic mode you can select different opponents at varied difficulty levels. Speed Skip-Bo is for a quick 10-card game, ideal to play when you have some spare minutes to play card games. Team Skip-Bo lets you play in a team with an AI partner against two other AI opponents. The rules are similar to regular Skip-Bo with the difference that you can use your partner´s discard and stock piles as well as he/she can use yours. Sound nice huh?

A really outstanding feature of this cards game online download is that the story is told in a colorful cartoon style. You'll hear tribal music and drums all the time which goes really well with the story and are a treat to your ears. Anyway if you want to play Skip-Bo in silence there is an option to deactivate it in the main menu.

If you are a Skip-Bo hardcore player, you´ll find that this free card game is a good pick. You'll be playing Skip-Bo without any limits and since this is a full version game download you can play Skip-Bo anywhere and offline. This free card game is totally for free, download it now and own it without even having to register it anywhere.


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Skip-Bo Screenshots:
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Skip-Bo Music Video Player Requirements:

OS: Windows7/Vista/XP
Download Size:18.17MB
Requires: None
Tested: Virus Free


Strategies for This Free Card Game Download:

  • The most important thing you have to consider when playing Skip-Bo is to empty your stock card pile. Always make your moves towards that. Never play a card from your hand without checking how useful can it be (or not) in order to play your Stock pile card.

  • Remember that once you have played a card it cannot be undone, so play them carefully and wisely

  • If you receive a Skip-Bo card (wildcard) try to save it as much as possible for using it when it is really necessary and not just to empty your hand or your discard pile. Remember that it can be used to replace any card and even place it in a clean building pile as you would do with an ace.

  • Always watch the Stock pile of your opponent and try to never leave the building pile receptive to his/her cards. In this way you'll gain time to empty yours


Features of Skip-Bo Free Card Game Download:


Play Skip-Bo in Various Locations Around the Island, Challenge the Islanders

In the Adventure mode of this free card game you'll be playing different rounds of Skip-Bo against the locals. They say that this is the way to appease the Great Volcano. They happen to believe that your arrival to the island made it angry and about to erupt. Believe it or not the fire coming from top of the volcano will diminish with every Skip-Bo round you win. Real or not this is just a little incentive for you to play this free cards game.

Play This Really Addictive Free Card Game, One of America´s favorite Mattel Card Games

Skip-bo is based on the card game called Spite and Malice. Since the late 1960s Skip-Bo gained popularity but its burst out occurred during the 1980s when Mattel purchased it. Since the cards game installed itself as one of America´s favorite. Skip-Bo is a remake of this game making it available for the PC. This is a really fun alternative for those solitaire card game lovers who want to play something different.

Play Skip-Bo in Four Different Game Modes, Adventure, Classic, Speed and Team

Skip-Bo has a different game mode for every situation. Adventure is for those Skip-Bo hard gamers that want to challenge the Islanders and themselves round after round with intermediate mini-games. In Classic Skip-Bo you can select the level of difficulty among three different opponents. Speed Skip-Bo is to be played when you have just a couple of minutes during lunch break or so. And Team Skip-Bo is to play a teamed version of this free cards game where your partner is generated by the computer and you play cooperatively against other two AI opponents.

Skip-Bo Music Video Player is Free to Download

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