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Chessmaster Challenge
*Classic Chess Game vs Computer for PC

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Play Free Full Version of Chess Game

Play the Classic Chess Game in this easy to control and play game for PCs. Chessmaster is a chess sim game that has been recognized as the king of chess games with the perfect mix of game variety and learning tools. Chessmaster is an excellent choice for beginner and advanced chess players alike.

With this latest version, Ubisoft has perfected the gameplay, design, and variety. Play chess in a competitive tournament-style environment, training mode, or puzzle mode. Choose from 6 different playable chess boards. Customize the boards and pieces to your liking.

Graphically impressive and with great accompanying music and effects, this amazing chess sim offers 25 different opponents you can play against.

A Chess Game is For All Players: Beginner through Expert

Play chess against 25 opponents of varying difficulty to find where you rank. Each computer opponent has a different level of skill and different playing style and strategy. Play against Stanley the Ape if you are a beginner and the Chessmaster if you are an expert.

Fun Way to Learn How to Play Chess for Beginners

Chessmaster also includes lessons, strategies, and tutorials for all players of all levels. These thorough lessons cover everything from rules to the best chess strategies to take down the Chess master. Even experienced players can pick up new information from these fun and interactive tutorials. In the training mode, beginners are able to view all possible moves, enable mistake alerts, and learn helpful hints and aids while playing.

Solve Chess Puzzles in a Bonus Mode

Test your chess-solving skills with these challenging puzzles that place the player in the middle of a chess game to solve the problem. The puzzles include Find Check & Mate in Two, and Avoid Check Mate & Move to Safety. A puzzle generator ensures that you don’t see the same puzzle twice.

Track Your Player Statistics

While playing through each mode, you are able to check your player statistics to see where your problems lie, which pieces you tend to use, and what your greatest strengths and weaknesses are. In addition, you can track which characters in the game you have beat in tournament mode.


Chessmaster Challenge is Free to Download

 People Prefer Chess

Chessmaster Challenge Screenshots: (Click to Enlarge)

Chessmaster Challenge Game Features:

  • Play chess in 3 different game modes: tournament, training, and puzzle
  • Improve your game and learn new strategies and tips in training and puzzle mode
  • Play against different opponents of varying difficulty
  • Track player statistics to learn your strengths and weaknesses
  • Customize chess boards and pieces
  • Fun and easy to control
  • 100% Free game download, No registration

Chessmaster Challenge Game Requirements:

OS: Windows7/Vista/XP
Download Size: 8.49MB
Requires: DirectX: 7
Tested: Virus Free

Suggested Strategies for Chessmaster

  • Take advantage of tutorial mode. Even though you may be a seasoned chess player, the training mode includes strategies that can be helpful for your game.
  • Learn how to checkmate opponents in puzzle mode. This mode is great and teaches players how to win games.
  • Track your player statistics to see where to improve. In addition, while playing, track your opponents moves in order to learn their strategies.

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